Game Kingdom
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Games have already become a good companion for people. Kids and adults are inclined to spend their spare time on playing games. When you visit an office on their rest time, you will find that many office men like to turn on their computers and open the file with game. When you visit a class of university, you can not feel strange that more students are addicted to games than teachers' lecture. When you on the bus, you also will meet many people absorbed in the game. Why they are so popular? First, they can attract people easily and second, the high upgrade rate. Each day, thousands of games come out. And no matter which kinds of games you like, there is always a game suit for you. Now when people meet, they would like to talk the newest games.

        It is also a fact that different people will like different categories of games. But social games almost suit for any one except little kids. No matter girls or boys can find their favorite games,such as goodgame empire,goodgame big farm,goodgame poker,family barn and so on.

       If you are a food lover, you must have a dream that one day you can operate a restaurant. Social games give you this chance. Here you can operate your own restaurant. As a boss of restaurant, you have to do almost everything by yourself from buying vegetables to do cooking. You need to do cooking according to the customers' requirement. You must make sure your customers are satisfied with your service. Rather than you can not earn money, at the same time, you can not expand your restaurant.

       Are you a fashion icon? Most girls love to watch the fashion show. They even hope these fashion dresses are designed by them. Actually they can make their dream come true in games. In games, players need to make fashion dresses for customers. You need to make dresses according to the demand of customers. You must make sure that your customers like the dresses you make.

       After work, many boys and girls visit club to relax. But for most common people, they do not think it is a good thing to visit club. In my point of view, many people are curious about it. Actually, you can experience in games. In games, you are a owner of a club instead of a customer. You need to serve your customers and you can hold a big party. You decide songs which are broadcasted. Even the atmosphere of your club is decided by you.

       Some people do not like to play games by themselves. They like to play with other people. Social games also can afford you. You can play with the guy who is online. You can fight side by side and you also can fight with them through internet.

       Some people like the farm games. Here you also can find different kinds of farm games. You can experience the fun as a farmer. It is hard for urban residents to experience the life of farmers. But in social games you need to look after your farm. And when harvest season is coming, you must be happy.

       Here social gamesare games suit for almost every one. If you are a gamer, you can not miss the social games.

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