Pageant Queen
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     Girls, you all must like to play dress up games and you like the beautiful ones in dress up games, but the dress up games you have played are just one girl on your sreen and what you have to do is just dress the only girl up, that is not enough for you and also those games can not satisfy your craving.Now a new dress up game pageant queen come,this game can give you a new feeling to dress up games.The following is a brief introduction to this interesting game.
       In this game,what you need to do first is to choose 3 girls that you like best from the 5 girls, then you will enter into the next round-the dress up round.In the dress up round,click one girl,the dress,shoes,jewleries that for this girl come together,then choose the beautiful things for this girl to dress up her,you have to click the other two and dress them up like the first girl.After you dress the three girls,the most thrilling time comes-choose the first,second and third and put them on the corresponding award platform,give them crowns,medals correspond to their rank.
       This game will give you girls a different kind of feeling from previous dress up games,introduction is just introduction,you can know more as playing the game.If you like this game,don't forget to bookmark it and share it with your friends,if you have any question,just contact us.

Car Games-Great!
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     Do you like cars? Do you like car racing and do you like to drive cars at any speed without policemen around you? If your answer is yes,come www.8581.com and feel the excitement that car drive gives you.Before you enter into the car games yourselves, I would like to show you something about the car games on our website and from this,you can have a preview to our car games.
     There are many <a href="http://www.8581.com/free-online-car-games">car games</a> on our website,these cars are different from each other.We have Rally Point 2,Offroaders 2,Heat Rush USA,Super Mario Racing and other games,they are all car games but they have different styles and different backgrounds.Some games are designed as a real car drive,when you play this kind of games,you may feel like that you are driving and compete with others in the real world,the exciting feeling is filled in your blood and you may shout like a real driver, and some car games are just that kind of interesting games,the famous and popular cartoon figure is in the game,like the Super Mario Racing.When you play this kind of game,what you get is not only the exciting feeling,but also the interesting feeling,these games make you shout and laugh,they are not only car games but also some kind of interesting small games.You players have known some basic informations about the car games on our website,and you may want to play these games immediately,but before you play games,you may have a question that how to play these exciting and attractive car games? That is very easy,what you have to do in the games is to use your arrow keys that on your keyboard and your wisdom to control your car in the game.
      Driving cars in our car games,you won't have the trouble that you will be caught by policemen because of out of speed and drunk,you can drive at any speed you like and even the highest speed,also you can drive after drinking and no policemen will catch you to punish you.These car games give you a place to satisfy your desire that drive crazily.It is so exciting to play these car games on our website,come and enjoy these exciting car games,they will not disappoint you.And if you like these games,please do not forget to bookmark them into your favourites and share them with your friends,if you have any question,please contact us.Players,play now!
Snail bob 4
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      Have you played snail bob game before? We have had 3 snail bob games already, and all the first 3 snail bob games are very interesting. If you didn’t play snail bob games before, it doesn’t matter, you can come and play with the 4th snail bob game, and you will feel the game is very interesting and you will regret that you didn’t know the game before. And if you are a fan of our snail bob games, you must feel excited with the coming of snail bob 4. The snail bob 4 has come, the interesting and cute snail bob has come back.
       The snail bob in the snail bob 4 game goes to the space and on his way to the space, he has come across a lot of things and you have to help him to get over blocks. This game is not like those simple games that just use your mouse to control the things on the screen and put them on their right places, in this game you have to use your intelligence to make sure that the snail bob is safe and safe to avoid those dangerous and get to the exit place to go into the next level.
      There are 25 levels in this game and you have to get 75 stars to finish all the levels. In each level you have to help snail bob to get to the exit, but on the way to exit,there are some blocks, like electricity, bad eggs and some other things, you have to use your mouse to control the arrow on screen to make snail bob up and down, to make him to avoid those blocks and dangerous things. On screen, there is an arrow and use your mouse to press the arrow to control snail bob go up and go down, not everywhere you have to use the arrow, when snail bob goes up or down, he can get avoid touching the electricity and eatening by bad eggs. This game is an intelligent game, you have to use your intelligence and not just control your mouse to control snail bob to move, if you just use your mouse to control snail bob to move easily you can not get snail bob to finish all the levels and get all the stars.
      The snail bob 4 is to some degree a little difficult, and more level you play, the more difficult you get, but with difficult in the game, interesting is also in it. Come to play snail bob 4 to use your wisdom to help snail bob to come over all obstacles and get a good result, this is maybe a challenge to yourself!

Come to Play the Popular Diner Dash
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      Diner Dash is a strategy video game and time management game. It is one of the top-selling downloadable games of all-time, available in multiple platforms such as PC, Mac, consoles, and mobile. Now you can play it on 8581.com. 
      Diner Dash is a very interesting game and is suitable for people of all ages. Its game play centers around catering to customers within a time limit to gather as much money as possible. Flo can be moved around the restaurant to complete tasks. As customers arrive in the restaurant, the player must drag and drop them onto a table, where they sit down and read menus. Then the player must guide Flo to the table to take their order, which must be taken to the service hatch. After the chef has prepared the meal, Flo must deliver the food. When the customers are finished eating they must be taken a check, at which point the customers leave a tip and their dishes on the table, departing the restaurant. The dishes must be cleared by Flo before the next set of customers can use the table. Each successful action earns the player points, performing the same action multiple times in a row earns the player a chain bonus, which is broken once a different action is performed. Customers have a series of hearts over their heads that indicate their mood. The longer the customer is forced to wait, the more hearts he or she loses. Each type of customer has different degrees of patience and tipping habits. Flo can perform various actions, such as talking to customers or serving them drinks, to revive these hearts. When customers lose all their hearts, they leave the restaurant, costing the player points. The goal of a level is earn a certain number of points. There are also expert point totals for advanced players to achieve. The game has two modes: Career mode, which follows the story of Flo, and Endless Shift, a survival mode in which the player must last as long as possible in a single level.
So wanna have a try? Come Diner Dash to play it! If ou have any question, just feel free to contact us. Do not forget to bookmark it into your favorites and share it with your friends!
         Have you ever thought that being a robber is exciting? Do you want to play as a robber once? Now Bob The Robber 2 on 8581.com can give you the fascinating experience. 
         Bob The Robber 2 is a cool puzzle game based around theft and deception. Is the city in danger again? This looks like another job for our hero – robber Bob! Angry dogs, watchful securities and cameras, laser gratings and… zombies!!! Help Bob to save the city from Gamp corporation! Our thief Bob finally relaxed when he found an interesting report in the newspaper. So what could you do if not to rub the entire city? Fair robber Bob declares war on mafia and corruption and starts crusade for evidences and a new money bag! Your mission is simple: to play as a professional robber and find a way to steal the items without getting caught by cameras. Be careful because there are cameras and people all around. You can buy different gadgets in the store that might be useful in your job. Then how to play it? You can move using “A, S, W, D” or “Arrow” keys. If you want to go upstairs, press “Up” or “W”. You can find a lot of extra values on the level. Press and hold “W” key to open the locked doors or collect information for the passwords. 
        It is true that Bob The Robber 2 is suitable for people of all ages. So come Bob The Robber 2 to have this exciting experience! If you like it, do not forget to bookmark it into your favorites and share it with your friends! Good luck, Bob!

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