Every girl likes ice cream and wants to be an ice cream master. You must admire the ice cream maker very much. Do you want to work in an ice cream shop by yourself? Now you can realize this dream by playing Didi Ice Cream on 8581.com. The next will be a brief introduction of this game. 
      You have ice cream business and want to be successful. Identify the order first, then prepare and serve it. You will be awarded by a badge according to your performance. Work fast and use your multitasking skills to serve yummy ice-creams and treats to the hungry costumers and fulfill their demands. Try not to make your customers wait too long. The less time they would wait, the more money you would earn. If you can not reach the standard, you will be fired. This game has three modes, simple, normal and hard. So it is suitable for people of all ages. Younger children can play the simple mode, and the older ones can play the hard mode. The picture of this game is also attractive for children. All kinds of ice creams, drinks, and cakes will make children like it immediately. 
      So if you are looking for an ice cream game, come Didi Ice Cream to have a try. This is just a brief introduction of Didi Ice Cream. The remaining fun is left for you to find out. We are looking forward to your visit. If you have any suggestion or advice, just feel free to contact us. We will be very honored to make some change. Do not forget to bookmark our page into your favorites and share it with your friends!

    Do you like shooting games? This kind of game is very attractive and exciting. Most boys must like shooting games very much. When talking about shooting games, you must think of guns first. Today, you can use another tool to shoot--arrow. It is different form other games. Come to play Apple Shooter on 8581.com and have fun!

    Apple Shooter is a new kind of shooting game. It is different from other shooting games. You goal is to shoot the apple off your friends head using a bow and arrow. Don't miss or you might end up hitting your buddy. That scene will make people a little afraid when you shoot your friend and blood gets out from his head. Each level positions you further away thus increasing the difficulty. Then how to play? It is rather easy to play. Aim the bow and arrow with your mouse. Hold down the mouse button to draw the bow back. The longer you hold the mouse button down, the more power the shot will have. The interface of this game is also simple. You just need to use the mouse to control the man in the game. This game is very suitable to relax yourself after one day’s work. This game is suitable for people of all ages, especially little boys who want to challenging themselves. 

    Interested in it? Come Apple Shooter  to enjoy yourself! Contact us if you have any question! If you like this game, do not forget to bookmark it into your favorites and share it with your friends! Play Apple Shooter and have fun!

      Every person must want to have their own land, especially aggressive boys. Mining land is more cool. Wanna have your own mining land? Come 8581.com to play the Unity3D Minecraft game--Mine Clone and build your own mining area.

      There are not many people who do not know Minecraft. From now on you will be able to play its copy on 8581.com which, unfortunately, does not offer so many cool things as the original but you can also change the country according to your taste. You've just arrived in a strange land. Explore the landscape and unlock its mysteries in this adventure game. Enjoy a Minecraft clone made in Unity3D. Build and Destroy to make your own mining area. Get dropped into a world of creation! Explore the environment and use the variety of blocks types given to you to build whatever your mind can come up with. Then how to play? Use WASD keys to move, right mouse button--building, left mouse button--destruction, change weapon - scroll, jump-- space bar, inventory-- E, tasks-- F, accessories-- 1-4, pause--Esc. This game is very suitable for boys who want to have their own places by working.

      Interested in it? Come Mine Clone to enjoy the fun by yourself! An array of secrets await you in this puzzling world. If you like this game, do not forget to bookmark it into your favorites and share it with your friends! Good luck and have fun!
       Crazy races, funny defense, hot shop service, interesting match, stylish dress up, meaningful cooking, these are so attractive. Any one will be the popular way to entertain yourself in your spare time. There are so many funny y8 games. You can play them one by one to enjoy funny life. Are you looking forwards to experiencing them? Start your happy gaming journey!

        Crazy racing game is very popular. It provides a great chance for you who can not drive cars to experience the crazy race. In the game, you will meet some difficulty. It is time for you to solve the problem by yourself. Observe questions, discover the rule and then try to find out the method to solve the problem. On the way, try your best to shun these barriers. The game is easy to operate. Use right and left direction keys to control the movement. The less time you take, the higher score you will get. Meet the challenge! Enjoy yourself!

        Matching games are very interesting. There are many kinds matching games, all of them are very funny and can help you to improve your matching skills, visual acuity and manipulative ability. Since matching games have so many advanteges. Let's try them to have a great time! Age of Japan is a popular and funny matching game. An incredible puzzle that shines with its unique graphics. This bejeweled style matching game is designed in a Japanese motif. While playing this interesting games, you should swap these pieces to create horizontal or vertical chains of three or more identical pieces. This matching game are designed in a good way. When playing it, you can get special joy. It can also help you improve your visual acuity. 

      The link game is another kind matching game. In the game, there are many pretty cards. If two of them are the same, and they can be connected without any barrier, they will disappear quickly. The game task is to clear the board before the time runs out. Of course, there are some tools in the game. There are several times for help. If it's very diffcult, you have a chance to shuffle. You can also lengthen your gaming time. You will get a surprise in each level. Take action quickly, the faster, the more time! Wow, so interesting, looking forwards to your high scores!

      Now, you can manage your own shop. Ice cream is very popular in hot summer. You can make cool ice creams for your customers, according to their needs. It is very funny to make an ice cream. In the game, you must choose the ingredients according to your customers' needs. Every day, you will serve different customers and try your best to satisfy them. If you can make it quickly and give the customer good service, you will get higher score in the game. More customers you serve, more money will earn. It sounds terrific! 

Dress up games and cooking games are also quite funny. Hot dress up games provide the latest fashion. You can choose any favorite character to start your fashion journey. Cooking games teach you how to cook delicious food. Decorating food is a very interesting part. After cooking, you should decorate it in a special way. Once you do cooking according to hints, you can cook delicious and tempting food. So many wonderful and funny games, come with your friends to have joy in the perfect funny Y8 gaming world!
Cube Crash 2
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     If you like online eliminating games, you will like the following game very much--Cube Crash 2. The next part will give you a brief introduction. 

     Cube Crash 2 is the sequel to the addicting match 3 game Cube Crash. Cube Crash 2 offers a new, exciting, fast paced Arcade game play mode as well as the original Classic game play mode. Compare to the former version, it has more attractive pictures, and more friendly interface. There are also a variety of lightning props to help you remove the block stones. Find the blocks of same color, slide your figures and eliminate them! There are many modes to play this game. In Arcade mode, click to remove groups of 3 cubes of the same color to recharge your power-ups and collect gemstones. Use your lightning bolts, bombs, and various other power-ups to destroy cubes or collect gems. Be careful and watch out for items in the grid which can damage you. If the fast-paced play of Arcade mode is too much for you, then check out the original game play of Cube Crash in Classic mode. There is no time limit and the goal is to maximize your score as much as possible. 

     So come   Cube Crash 2  to enjoy yourself! If you have any question, just feel free to contact us. If you like this game, do not forget to bookmark is into your favorites and share it with your friends! We hope you enjoy Cube Crash 2!

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